Acacia Woodburn project

My first time doing animals. I used acacia wood, took about 4 hours to prep it as it had been cut with a chainsaw. Thank heavens my hubby bought me a sander. I am really happy with the way this turned out. The words at the bottom are Cherokee for deer, wolf, bear and then the word for Cherokee.


Pyrograpy/Woodburning Hobby

I absolutely love woodburning. I ordered a woodburning kit off Amazon, a solid tip, and started teaching myself how to burn. I enjoyed it but found the pen to be awkward and cumbersome so I did some further research and learned most people preferred the wire nib burners more. They have an easier feel, more like holding a fat pen, and a seperate heating unit to plug the pen into. SO back to Amazon and found a wire nib burner, inexpensive, that got good reviews.

I LOVE IT! It is a lot easier to use, adjusting the heat is super easy. The nibs heat up fast, cool down fas and are a cinch to change. Once I feel that I have moved up in my capabilities I intend to by a more expensive one.

I found a few Pyrography groups for beginners on Facebook to join as well as ordered some books on my Kindle as well as a couple of good old-fashioned hold in your hand books.

Most of my burn transfers have come from free printables on the web or adult coloring books. I am beginning to feel confident enough to start using some of my own photographs. I hope to be able to start doing portraits soon.

Below are photos of my work so far from the beginning to my newest one which I finished yesterday.

This first pic is my very first burn, using a solid tip burner.

This next one was one a pre-cut pine round, again using the solid tip plus using water color pencils to add the color.

This one was my first with the wire tip. Most of the scaling on the dragon I had to add. This one was challenging but fun.

My all time favorite fitness moto

I love hummingbirds and was really excited about doing this one. I really liked it with no color but others suggested i color it. I saved the pattern for a re-burn at a later date. This one I just used colored pencils on.

This one is one of my more recent ones. I waited until I felt confident enough to tackle all the details. I love the way it turned out.

This one is the first one in a series of 5. Mythical Creatures of the Night, the Women. She was my first people burn.

This is number 2 in the series. She was a tough one with all the small details.

This is # 3. This one was the first I had done with feathers. I love the way the owl turned out. I used actual photos to get the patterns on the feathers as close as possible.

This is a Scarab, simple but fun to do.

This one was by request for my guy. He loves bats. I used acyrlics and colored pencil to add a little pop.

This one was a fun one. Again I used acyrlics and colored pencils.

This one was just to teach myself fine and small detailing.

This one was a surprise for my guy. The lettering on the song titles is just as it was on the picture. Burning the edges took longer than the rest of it did, lol.

WOW, 8 years has gone by!

I just looked back through my old posts and it has been 8 years since I have been on here. Sheesh! SO much has changed since then.

I graduated from SVC in 2014. Continued working for Best Buy until this year when I was one of the many to be let go. Met an amazing man in British Columbia, (talk about beautiful country, WHOA.) in January 2020. We’re still going strong, even through this crazy COVID-19 world we live in. Looking to get into some sort of Work from home field, thinking along the lines of remote tech support. I may be 63 now, I just dont feel it at all, and I love to learn and love tech so I can just combine the 2.

I’ve also come up with a couple of new hobbies. I taught myself to crochet, mainly blankets and throws, just basic but so relaxing. I’ve also been learning Pyrography/Woodburning, which has almost become an addiction. I’ll do a different post showing my progress on that front.

Hope everyone is staying safe and sound.

The last blanket I finished.
My guy
Cascade Falls, BC

Learning Adobe MUSE

One of the classes I had during Fall Quarter was MIT 199, which, essentially is on the job training. Since, for the most part, the degree I am obtaining was to learn web design for my own business, what better thing to do than throw together a WYSIWYG website for one of my projects. Instead of using Adobe Dreamweaver, I thought it might be fun to learn Adobe MUSE, which, I found out with the help of some YouTube videos by Adobe’s own Terry White, is actually quite easy. So I thought I would share this with anyone that might be interested.

Music by Amnesiac

This is a song performed, written and produced by son Adam Martushoff. He has also written/produced/performed under the name Cautious. Yes I am a proud mom! I have seen him go from the very dark heavy metal with his old band Straightline, to more Indie/Electronic style. He has also produced a few strictly instrumental songs for me to use with some of my photography slideshows.

He has been busy with raising a family for the last few months but I hope he gets back to his music soon.

Below you will find a link to two of his songs on Soundcloud. One for Amnesiac and one for Cautious. If you click on the link above for Cautious it takes you to one of his YouTube videos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Cautious Music

Time flies when you’re having fun

Between work and school time does fly by. I also had my son, his fiance’ and their 18 month old daughter here for almost 2 weeks, so he could go to school to get his class B license.  Of course according to the granddaughter, when she is here, I am not allowed to do homework because then I am not paying attention to her. Somehow (during naps mainly) I did manage to stay on top of it. Our place is only 1 bedroom though, so grandma slept on the couch, which made for a very tired grandma when they headed home. My son got his class B license schooling done and we got to spend time with our fast growing granddaughter, so it was worth it.

I can’t believe we are almost through winter quarter. Technically this would be my last, but I still have Financial Aid available so I registered for 3 more classes for spring quarter. All of them are Small Business, Retail Management and Customer Sales and Service orientated. Looking forward to those classes as well. I have been in retail business of some kind or another since I was 12, but I figure you can always learn something new about anything.

On another note, I bought some of the Erin Bakers Original Breakfast Cookies last night. I had tried the Peanut Butter ones a couple weeks ago and they were pretty good. Bought the double chocolate chunk ones last night and…………….. well let’s just say I think I will stick with the Peanut Butter from now on. Not quite sure what the taste problem is, almost taste like unsweetened chocolate.

Just read the ingredients, prune puree……..! The Peanut Butter ones have that also but I didn’t taste it in them. It has taken me 45 min to eat this thing. Maybe I will take the rest of the box to work and someone there will like them.

Off for now to get some homework and housework done. Hope everyone has a great day!

Helping Mom & Dad with the shopping.

Helping Mom & Dad with the shopping.

A Kiss for Grandpa

A Kiss for Grandpa by elusivememories
A Kiss for Grandpa, a photo by elusivememories on Flickr.

My Mom passed away in Aug. 2003 after battling Lupus, Scleroderma(?) and a host of other health problems. This about devastated my Dad. He and mom had been married for 55 years and had what all four of us kids called a love/hate relationship. They were from a time when you stayed together no matter what, or at least for the sake of the kids. We saw, us kids, just how much he had really loved mom. He was lost. Luckily one of my brothers lived not to far down the road from them, so he checked in on dad regularly. Dad and Mom had lived in the community for 20+ years and dad owning his own mechanic shop there were a lot of other people that would stop in and see how he was doing.

Every year, as far back as I can remember, Dad, my 2 brothers, friends of theirs as well as cousins, etc., all got together at the end of Oct., first part of Nov. to head to eastern Oregon for the annual elk hunting trip. I always called the Male Bonding & BS trip, because they very rarely came home with an elk, but they always came home with lots of tales about the camp escapades. 2003 was no different, they all headed out, had a blast and got back around the second week of November. I called and talked to him shortly after he got back and told him I would call again around Christmas (I was living in Kansas at the time) and told him I loved him.

December 8th I received a call from one of my brothers, he had stopped by and seen dad on Friday night the 5th and dad was fine, he received a call from some people who had stopped by to see dad Sunday afternoon and dad was not responding but they could see him through the window. They called 911 and then called my brother. Dad had apparently had a stroke, a pretty bad one, sometime between the time my brother saw him Fri. night and when these folks stopped by Sun. He was in pretty rough shape and the hospital was transferring him to Emanual Hospital in Portland. I asked my brother if I should head home and he told me no, there was not anything I could do but sit and wait. He said he would keep me posted and if things started looking worse, then I could fly out.

Dad was in the hospital in Portland until January 2004. I flew out from Kansas, which is another story altogether, and after a week, my brother, dad and I flew to Denver, rented a car and drove to the farm where I worked and lived so that dad could stay with me for awhile.

We had therapy 2-3 times a week, physical and speech. The speech was the hardest as my dad was always one of the biggest BSer’s around, you could see the frustration and anxiety in his eyes. His right side was pretty well useless, and he hated Kansas. It reminded him of Texas, which he had left when he was 16 and only went back to visit. It was heartbreaking to see my dad going through this. After a few months with me, my brothers and I discussed the situation and the younger of my two brothers said he wanted dad to live with him. So in August 2004 I, along with my oldest daughter and her 2 boys (they were visiting me), and my dad headed west. We agreed to meet up with my brother in Ellensburg, WA, where my brother and his wife would take dad back to Oregon with them and I would take my daughter and her boys on home to Bellingham, WA.

I came back out to the west coast again in August 2005 and spent a couple of weeks with my dad at my brothers house, gave him and his wife a break. Dad still couldn’t talk and still had difficulty with his right hand and arm. He did manage to communicate in his own way via hand gestures and his attempt at words. We had a good time though. I would build a fire in the outdoor pit every night and we would just sit around the fire until he was ready to go in the house. Probably one of the most relaxing times I have had in quite a few years.

The last time I saw my dad was in 2006 at my niece’s wedding, which my brother flew me out to do the photography for. The picture here is of my dad and my niece on her wedding day. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. Dad lived until December 22, 2010. The doctors never expected him to live that long after the stroke. He lived with my brother until a couple days before he passed. My dad was my hero, as was my mom. I miss them both, but I know they are with each other again.

Strange ponderings?!

This is going to seem fairly off the wall but here it goes. While cleaning the downstairs bathroom,  in preparation of my son and his family coming to visit for the week, random thoughts were going through my head. I find house cleaning to be a great time to think through problems as well as come up with really weird thoughts. I think is probably one of the more off the wall ones I have had in awhile.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have to be one of the top non-tech inventions of the past 20 years, and they seem to keep getting better. They seem to now have them for every room in the house. I just used the new ones for the bathrooms and was very impressed. Makes getting scuff marks off the floors a breeze.

Being a grandma of 10, these things have been a miracle for me. Removing crayons, marker, grease in the kitchen, you name it they seem to remove it. Makes house cleaning a lot easier.

They also work great for detailing cars. Now if they would just make one for removing carpet stains my life would be complete, lol.

Strange ponderings from a strange mind.